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Vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder is used to transfer the large size materials and granular materials from hopper to receiving device uniformly, periodically and continuously,also to screen the materials in the sandstone production line. It is widely used to match the crushing and sieving equipments in many industries including metallurgy, coal mine, mineral dressing, building material, chemical, grinding, etc.


Vibrating feeder or vibrating grizzly feeder is mainly used to complete the feeding and batching for a variety of bulk materials in ore dressing industry, metallurgy industry, coal, chemical industry, building materials and other industrial sectors. In the production process, it can feed the massive and granular materials from the storage bin to the feeding device uniformly, timely and continuously. In the sand production line, its major role is to feed the crushing equipment and roughly screen the materials.
Working Process:
The vibratory feeder runs like this: the eccentric block in the vibrator spins and produces centrifugal force which makes movable parts like the screening box and vibrator move in circles or approximate circles. The vibrating feeder is made up of feeding chute, exciter, spring bearing and transmission device. The vibrating power of the feeding chute comes from the exciter made up of two eccentric shafts (driving and driven shafts) and gear pair. The driving shaft is driven by the motor though the V-belt and then drives the driven shaft to rotate through the gear engagement. Then the two shafts rotate reversely at the same time to vibrate the feeding chute, thus making materials move continuously.

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1. Simple structure, stable vibration, uniform feeding, continuous good performance, adjustable excitation force.
2. Change and control material flow at anytime, easy to operate; Eccentric block is vibration source, low noise, low power consumption, regular performance,without material clash phenomenon.
3. If the cell body is closed, it can prevent the dust pollution.
4. Eccentric block rotates to generate the centrifugal force, makes the screening compartment and the vibrator continuous circular or approximately circular movement.
5. Materials are thrown continuously along the screen and are sent to the discharging port.

Technical Parameters:Inquiry > >

Type Max. feed size
Motor power
Installation angle
Body size
Overall dimension
GZD-650×2300 300 80 1.1×2 10 2798 650×2300 2300×1360×780
GZD-750×2500 350 100 1.1×2 10 3260 750×2500 2500×1460×780
GZD-850×3000 400 120 3×2 10 3607 850×3000 3110×1800×1600
GZD-1000×3600 500 150 5.5×2 5 3895 1000×3600 3850×1950×1630
GZD-1100×4200 580 240 5.5×2 5 4170 1100×4200 4400×2050×1660
GZD-1100×4900 580 280 7.5×2 5 4520 4900×1100 5200×2050×1700
GZD-1300×4900 650 450 11×2 5 5200 4900×1300 5200×2350×1750
GZD-1500×5600 1050 450-800 12×2 10 7500 1500×5600 5700×2000×1750

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