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Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor

Metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water conservancy, mining, construction industry, metal and nonmetal mine


Screw conveyor is suitable for transporting all kinds of powder granular materials and small block, such as coal, gravel, lump coal and sand, cement, cereal, etc, but not suitable for conveying easy-deteriorated, stickiness, and easy-forming materials.Therefore it is always used in cement plant, chemical plant, chemical plant, factory, mine, mill, paper mill, fiber nylon factory, feed, water conservancy and etc.

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Screw conveyor of simple structure, small cross section size, good seal, reliable operation, low manufacturing cost, convenience of intermediate loading and unloading, transportation direction can reverse, can also be transmitted at the same time two opposite direction.But also for material in the process of conveying stirring, mixing, heating and cooling operations, through the loading and unloading valve can adjust the material flow;But unfavorable transport of perishable, big viscosity, easy to agglomerate and chunks of material;Material is easy broken, in the process of conveying screw rotation and chute is easy to wear;Unit power is larger;Used to keep the material in the tank sealing and have adequate clearance between screw and feeding trough.

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Model Transmission length Capacity Motor power
 Coal Cement  Raw
GX200×10M 3-70M 8.5T 7.9T 7.3T 2.2 0.7
GX250×10M 3-70M 16.5 15.6 13.8 3 0.95
GX300×10M 3-70M 20 21 18.7 3 1.4
GX400×10M 3-70M 54 51 45 5.5 2.1
GX500×10M 3-70M 79 84.4 74 7.5 3.2

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