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Placer Gold Ore Beneficiation Technical Process

Placer Gold Ore Beneficiation Technical Process

Lead and zinc ore beneficiation process

Conspectus of Mineral Processing

Placer gold ore is a kind of gold mine generated by river alluviation. The alluvial placer deposit is the result of long-term continuous separation by river. It usually has a large area which can be up to a few kilometers to a few tens of kilometers long and a few meters to several hundred meters wide. Placer gold has a high degree of dissociation and great difference of specific gravity. Generally, the gravity separation method is adopted in the process of separation.


Placer gold ore beneficiation process can be applied to the beneficiation of gold deposits in river ways, ancient channels and coastal sedimentation. The scale can be big or small.

Technology Advantage

Commonly it used screens to separate large particles, centrifugal gold concentrator for roughing and shaking table for selecting.
The ore material is sent directly to the receiving hopper of double-layer rotary screen, around the hopper there are spray pipes with hydrovalves. The inner layer of the screen is perforated screen plate, mesh 20 mm; the outer metal mesh, mesh 2 mm, also the screen has double row spray pipes with hydrovalves. Material on the screen is discarded while material under screen is sent to the centrifugal gold concentrator for roughing. Tailings are discarded and concentrators are transferred to rough concentrate buffer stirring barrels. Pulp in barrels is sent continuously and steadily into shaking table. The gold sand is separated out while tailings are discarded.
In the process, it uses rotary screen to pre-cast in order to reduce waste material. With combined beneficiation process of centrifugal gold concentrator and shaking table, it takes full advantage of the two machines which have high recovery rate and concentration ratio. Also it has simple beneficiation process, low consumption, small investment and little pollution. It is the classic process of placer gold ore beneficiation.

Production Instance

A 1500TPD placer gold ore beneficiation line in Indonesia. This project has the advantage of low investment, short construction period and simple operation by adopting the above technical process. It can produce gold bullion in one work flow and the metal recovery rate is about 70% .

Note: The above program is for reference only. The actual process should provide the type and content of the ore-related elements of the user how to develop programs

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