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Manganese ore washing process

Manganese ore washing process

Lead and zinc ore beneficiation process

Conspectus of Mineral Processing

Manganese Ore commonly includes pyrolusite(MnO2), psilomelane, manganite (Mn2O3*H20). Theoretically, the high grade of pyrolusite can be to 63.19%, density 4.5-5.0. Manganese Ore has weak magnetism and usually it may dirty hands. It generally contains large amounts of silt.


Manganese ore washing process can be applied to the production of manganese ore which contains large amounts of silt.

Technology Advantage

Generally, it adopts the process of rough crushing, fine grinding, washing and screening. The detailed process is as follows: the raw material is sent by vibrating feeder to rough crusher, then to the mill. After grinding, the material comes to the ore washer, by washing the silt off, the material is transferred to the screen. The 10mm+ product is acceptable product, while product under 10mm is screened out.

Production Instance

A 30TPH manganese ore washing line in India. This project has high efficiency, large capacity, good production granule shape and high washing rate by adopting the above technical process. After washing, the product grade increased by more than 5%, which has huge economic benefits.

Note: The above program is for reference only. The actual process should provide the type and content of the ore-related elements of the user how to develop programs

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